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-I continue to record more episodes of the animated television show "Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains!" as EMMA/GHOST GAL.

-I am currently recording a series of Earth Science voice-over scripts for a repeat E-Learning Client from my home studio! A fun way to learn about geologic rock and asthenosphere! :-)

-Check out the short film I directed, BFF with NikoFrank Productions below:

-Check out my blog articles on the website Such A Voice, where I also coach clients all over the country in voice-over technique.

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-Happy New Year! Friday, January 18th, the short film I directed entitled BFF through NikoFrank Productions will screen at The Big Apple Women's Film Festival at SVA Theater as an Official Selection! Click here for tickets!





-The short film I directed entitled BFF for the Ladies in Action Initiative through NikoFrank Productions is an Official Selection in the NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival!


-Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains premiered on TELETOON, I voice the role of Emma/Ghost Gal.

-This summer I was First AD on the web series CITY BOYZ created by my talented (un)balanced Director Cory Stonebrook and the fabulous Chad Burris. The series has now been released! Check it out here and take a look at the trailer below!



-Had such a great experience directing the short film "BFF" for NikoFrank Productions as apart of their Ladies in Action Initiative, it will be released soon - check them out!

-July and August are being spent as a teaching artist for Rosie's Theater Kids, which is Rosie O'Donnell and Lori Klinger's non-profit bringing musical theatre to students from NYC public schools. This summer, I teach at the Maravel Arts Center on West 45th Street in the ACTE (A Commitment to Excellence) program and I am having an amazing time with these talented, young students!

-This June Move This World teamed up with Good Brother Production Company to shoot new digital tools with myself and Elliott Chisholm as the hosts once again! I am loving my work with MTW, continuing to bring mindfulness and social and emotional learning into schools across the country.

-I continue life in the voice-over booth as I record more episodes of the animated television series Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains as EMMA/GHOST GAL!


-I closed out the 2017-2018 season at The Metropolitan Opera covering the female actors inTosca and Romeo et Juliette!


-I will be voicing the recurring character of EMMA/GHOST GAL on the upcoming English version of the animated series YU-GI-OH VRAINS! Emma is a hacker for hire, a strong lady and really fun to voice! 

-I am so excited to announce (un)balanced: a web series WON THE BEST WEB SERIES AWARD at KATRA FILM SERIES! This win includes a one year membership to the New York Women in Film and Television. Thanks to Katra Film Series, NYWIFT, our Director,DP, Lighting/Sound, Editor, Cast, Crew and Supporters!



-Happy New Year! I am ringing in the new year with a new sketch called TASTING NOTES featuring UCB Comedians Becky Chicoine and Evan Hoyt, written by Cory Stonebrook and Produced by NikoFrank Productions!

- I will be returning to L'Elisir d'Amore at the Metropolitan Opera this season. You can also check it out on HD in select movie theatres on Saturday February 10th.

-February 6th (un)balanced: a web series will be screened at the Alamo Drafthouse at the Katra Film Series Grand Finale! We are in the first block at 7 PM. For tickets visit here!

-Check out my NEW 2018 Voice-Over Reel which includes many of my recently booked spots including my national commercial for Lay's Poppables, Smirnoff, eBay, Birchbox and more!

FALL 2017

-Season 2 of Fully Engaged has begun releasing episodes on Seeka TV! Click here for the episode where I play Julie the Maid of Honor at Erika's bridal shower!


-EXTERMINATING ANGEL opens at the Metropolitan Opera this October - for tickets click here. You can also catch the HD streaming performance on November 18th!

-Had a great time going on for Les Contes D'Hoffmann (Tales of Hoffmann) at The Metropolitan Opera to start off the season!

-So excited that (un)balanced: a web series is an Official Selection at the NYC Web Fest this November! Episodes will be screening for one day between November 10-12 at The Pit in NYC.


-Two more of my Smirnoff VO spots have been released! Check them out below!


-Please check out the Web Series on Fire Podcast, where I was interviewed by Peter about the creative process of (un)balanced: a web series!

-I am excited to have been brought on board to do some E-Learning Voice-Over work for Scholastic!

-I had a great time at Katra Film Series representing (un)balanced: a web series which was an Official Selection! I loved seeing inspiring works by other filmmakers! If you haven't seen all five episodes of (un)balanced - please check them out here!



JUNE 2017

-Had a great time recording voice-overs for 10 Travel Channel videos on tips for vacation selfies and photography! Check them out here!

-This month, I reunited with Elliott LaRue to shoot 36 new digital tools with Move This World! These videos continue to guide students across the country through mindfulness and emotional management exercises! Definitely increased my teleprompter skills! :-)

-I am pleased to announce (un)balanced: a web series is an Official Selection at the Katra Film Series in NYC! It will be screened at the festival on June 24th, for tickets, go here!


MAY 2017

-So excited to reprise my role of "Julie" the crazy Maid of Honor in Fully Engaged Season 2, which is co-produced and streaming on Seeka TV! To see "Julie" in season 1 check out episodes 6 and 12 here!



APRIL 2017

-I had a blast recording in the studio several voice-over spots for Smirnoff! Check a few of them out below!






MARCH 2017

-Check out my new voice-over for Lay's Poppables! Taste the Poppabilites, comin' to a television near you!




-Check out my reel for 2017 below! Complete with content from FULLY ENGAGED and UNBALANCED!




-All episodes of (un)balanced: a web series have been released! Check them out at and check out Episode 4 and 5 below!







- I had such a great time shooting the sketch NOSE HAT written by Maggie Politi and Michael Stiggers, a NIKO FRANK PRODUCTION. Check it out on Funny Or Die! 


- I Puritani opened at the Met and I am playing a Bridesmaid, pictured below on the far right, runs through end of February!

-Episodes 1 through 3 of (un)balanced: a web series have been released! Check them out below!











-The Trailer for (un)balanced: a web series (in which I wrote, produced and played Melissa) has been released! Episode 1 is set to premiere on Friday January 27th check out for more information and for episodes!




-Happy New Year, everyone! I rang in 2017 by opening Romeo et Juliette at The Metropolitan Opera and second performance into the run, I went on! Check out below, AMAZING costumes by the ridiculously talented Catherine Zuber!



-I had a fun time in the voice-over studio again this month! I recorded one radio spot for HEALTHQUEST as well as a demo for the ever-popular soft drink FANTA!

-Currently covering MANON LESCAUT and performing LA BOHEME at The Metropolitan Opera in addition to being in rehearsals for ROMEO AND JULIET directed by Bartlett Sher. I am covering the Renaissance Women as well as other roles. It opens New Years Eve!

-I am back at it, recording voice-over for a Business E-Learning platform!


-We finished shooting (un)balanced: a web series! We are now in the editing phase and super excited to share this 5 episode web series with you! I wrote, produced and played the role of MELISSA. Check out our website HERE.


-As the cover for L'Italiana in Algeri at The Metropolitan Opera, I went on for the Harem girls. Check it out below! I also begin rehearsals for the return of MANON LESCAUT which I covered last season as the violin/viola quartet in the second act, as well as the Prostitute/Prisoners in Act Three!



-I am gearing up for the shoot of my webseries (un)balanced! Please Follow Us on Social Media (twitter: @unbalancedwebtv, FB: Unbalanced: a web series, instagram: @unbalancedwebseries) and check out our website HERE!

-I was happy to voice another conference video for the brand ProMaster. The video is showcased at their annual conference in Scottsdale, AZ!

-Pumped to begin rehearsals for L'Italiana at The Metropolitan Opera, I am covering the Harem Girls. I will also be appearing in La Boheme again this season!


-I am so nervous-cited (nervous and excited) to launch my fundraising campaign for the web series I wrote (and will also be acting in and producing)! It is called (un)balanced: a web series. Through 5 comedic episodes we follow a young woman Melissa, attempting to find her center. The obstacle? The insanity of living in New York City. As she attempts to jump into this "new age" life-style, she is thwarted - either by her own conflicting beliefs or the the city that never sleeps. Is balance an illusion? Or something which is difficult to attain but worth the effort? The indiegogo campaign will last for 30 days, please donate whatever you are able to give! If you aren't in the position to give financially - please share on social media and spread the word!




-I am honored to be the voice-over artist to tell this real-life story for Our Health California PSA! Check it out!





JULY 2016

- July was all about the educational industry! I had a great time recording several voice-over scripts for a Business Law E-Learning platform this month. I was also happy to record VO for the non-profit Move This World's online platform (an organization I work for as a trainer all throughout the year!)



-I had a great time working for ProMaster Photo again, this time as a voice-over artist! It was my pleasure to voice their conference video for this summer.


JUNE 2016

-So excited to have recorded voice-over for 6 Commercial Demo Spots for Fisher-Price!!

Fisher-Price Logo


-Check out the VO spot I recorded for eBay this month! 

-Recorded a PSA voice-over at Sound Lounge this month for Our Health California!


MAY 2016

-Check out my two voice-over spots for Birchbox! I felt so excited to be apart of Birchbox honoring two fierce female customers!






APRIL 2016

-Excited to record the voice over for the prestigious Parisian fashion house Nina Ricci and their new fragrance, it is a gorgeous spot!

-I am closing out my season at The Met! La Boheme is back at The Metropolitan Opera for 5 more performances! Get tickets here.

-Currently in the process of recording voice-overs for ten different E-Learning scripts!

-Recorded the voice-over for the acne medication Onexton!

-Daddy Issues closed this month after a fun run Off-Broadway at The Davenport Theatre, check out some reviews below!

"Donald and Johnny are the heart of the play but Donald’s ex-girlfriend, played by Megan MacPhee, leaves us wanting to see more from her, but the ultra-light script does not allow us to see what MacPhee could bring to a meatier role." -Michael Tubb,

"Mary Ellen McGuire (Megan MacPhee), the ex-girlfriend, is a character we expect to hate when we hear about her neglect of her child for the bottle, but when we see MacPhee for the first time, we like her.  She gently humanizes her addiction (this is a comedy, folks) and we sure hope she makes it." -Margret Echeverria, The Front Row Center

"Also, the singing and dancing talents of Millett and MacPhee shine in a witty song-and-dance break for Donald and Mary Ellen during the show." - BeBe Fischer, Off-Off Online

MARCH 2016

-DADDY ISSUES opens March 31st at The Davenport Theatre on West 45th Street. I play Mary Ellen McGuire, for tickets - check out the website here!


-As a cover in two operas at The Metropolitan Opera, I went on for both performances of MANON LESCAUT (as the 1940s prostitute Madelon) and L'Elisir D'Amore. Check out the phots below!


-Check out my commercial for CARSENSE below!





- I am covering a role in L'Elisir D'Amore with The Metropolitan Opera, originally directed by Bartlett Sher and this revival directed by the wonderful Louisa Muller. It opens March 10th!


-Shot an On-Camera Commercial for CARSENSE at the end of January. It will be seen on television and internet!

-Manon Lescaut opens February 12th at The Metropolitan Opera. I am covering two roles, it is a beautiful production - check it out!

-Begins rehearsals for a play Daddy Issues which will run at The Davenport Theatre on West 45th Street, playing the role of Mary Ellen McGuire - check out the website here!

-Recorded a Voice-Over PSA for IRISEABOVE.ORG which airs on Spotify in Colorado!

-Check out the final episode of FULLY ENGAGED which was so fun to shoot! It is a Bachelorette Party and I play Julie: the fun, wild, maid of honor! The series has been nominated in several festivals this season! Take a look! 



Episode 12: The Party from Erika Robel on Vimeo.



-Happy 2016! I am so excited for the new year! Over the holidays the webseries episode I shot launched -  FULLY ENGAGED website or for the episode, check it out below! I am also is covering a role in MANON LESCAUT at The Metropolitan Opera - rehearsals start early this month! And of course, still performing in LA BOHEME at The MET as well!



Episode 6: The Dress, Part 1 from Erika Robel on Vimeo.



-GREEN WHALES opens and I am playing the role of KAREN! It runs December 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12, 13 at 8 PM at MCS, 357 West 36th Street Suite 202 - click here for tickets!

-The Seabirds Restoration video where I voiced the role of Olivia, the young girl Park Ranger, was selected to play at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in January 2016!

Olivia and Max

-Shot a video product demo for the company ProMaster!

-La Boheme opened at the Metropolitan Opera!


-Check out to see the hilarious trailer for the web series I shot as the crazy maid of honor, Julie! You may see me jump on a male stripper at the end of the trailer...

-Started rehearsals for a wonderful play entitled GREEN WHALES by Lia Romeo! The performances will be two weekends in December in Midtown, stay tuned!

-Starting rehearsals for La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera, excited to work with the MET again!


-Episode 1: Pilot of SENSITIVE: A WEB SERIES has been released! I make an appearance as the tap dancing Fantasy Date! It won the audience choice award at Brooklyn Web Fest! Check it out here! 


-Attended the screening of FULLY ENGAGED, the web series I shot in the Spring formerly entitled COLD FEET. The screening was at Videology in Brooklyn and the final product was so hysterical. So happy to have been a part of this great project with Erika Robel and Different Duck Films LLC


-My National Voice-Over Commercial for Pamprin was bought out for another year! If you haven't seen it on your television - check it out here.

JULY 2015

-Had such a wonderful time shooting the virtual tools for MOVE THIS WORLD, hitting classrooms this fall! With the help of Skytown Entertainment - creative arts, movement and mindfulness will be on screens in classrooms and foster Social/Emotional Learning across the country. So honored and grateful to be apart of something this meaningful!


-Wrapped on two web series, COLD FEET produced by Different Duck Films and SENSITIVE produced by Green Apple Two-Step Productions. Such great experiences on set with wonderful people!

-The Pilot I worked on entitled HOW COME I'M NOT FAMOUS YET? has just been released! Check it out here! I play the role of Kaitlin, the girlfriend of the main character!

-So excited to be a new team member at MOVE THIS WORLD, an impactful non-profit organization which uses creative arts methods to foster social and emotional learning in schools across the country (and globally!) Fusing two passions, arts and a critical need for a better education system - I have completed training and can't wait to get started in the fall!

APRIL 2015 

-Excited to shoot a web series entitled "COLD FEET" directed by Rob Margolies (She Wants Me with Josh Gad and Hilary Duff) as the role of JULIE, the eccentric Maid-of-Honor!

-Can't wait to shoot an episode of Sensitive: A Web Series with Green Apple Two-Step Productions as Fantasy Girl (aka a nerdy tap dancing dream girl)!

-Had a great time shooting new headshots with Lauren Toub Studio - check out all of the new shots in the gallery!

MARCH 2015

-Recorded the voice-over for an eLearning demo!


-Recorded the voice of an animated character named Olivia, who is a girl park ranger! She informs kids about the environment! There are two videos, one is about the conservation of Sea Birds while the other is about the conservation of the Bald Eagle! 

-Recorded a voice-over for University of Northern Colorado's video about their campus! Check it out here!


-Recorded two voice-overs in 2015! One was an in house demo for a new VH1 Reality TV Show pitch, while the other was a cool editorial piece!


-To close out the year, I recorded a voice-over for the brand MeUndies, the commercial will run on TV and internet!

-My voice-over for American Seed Trade Association is now playing on their website and conferences. Check it out here.

-Closed IT'S JUST WEIRD NOW this past weekend and it was a wonderful run! Pictured below is cast and crew with playwright Halley Feiffer who came out to see us!


-I will be appearing in Halley Feiffer's IT'S JUST WEIRD NOW. Please come check it out! December 5, 6, 7 and December 12, 13, 14 at 8 PM at the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre, Times Square Arts Center on West 43rd Street and 8th Ave. Buy tickets in advance using this link.

-Recorded a voice-over for American Seed Trade Association through Global Prairie and Austin Walsh Studio. The video will appear on their website here.


-Excited to start rehearsals for a new play IT'S JUST WEIRD NOW by Halley Feiffer whose work has appeared Off-Broadway at Rattlestick Theatre and Atlantic Theatre Company. This production will be at the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre on December 5, 6, 7 and December 12, 13, 14 at 8 PM. I will be playing 5 different characters and it is directed by Jaclyn Biskup!

- I KILLED MY BFF: MORE THAN FRIENDS in Season 3 aired on Lifetime Movie Network, I played the role of Vanessa. You can stream the full episode here.

-Improv 201 Graduation show at UCB East on Saturday November 1st, so much fun!


-Danced in a corporate industrial with TryOn Entertainment for the second year, a great time with a wonderful group of people!

-Having a great time in my 201 Improv class at UCB! The graduation show is beginning of November!


-I was asked back for the third season of I KILLED MY BFF. I will be playing Vanessa on season three and now the series is on the Lifetime Movie Network, look out for it!

-Recorded a voice-over for an APEX Conference, a company specializing in in-flight entertainment. It will play at the conference and on their website.

-Recorded a voice-over for an animated commercial advertising a food delivery service, milehighmenus and Btownmenus. It will be playing throughout Colorado and Indiana! Check it out here!

-Recorded a voice-over for social media app Flipagram! It is an app which allows you to create videos from your photos and share them, check it out!

JULY 2014

-Performed as a dancer at the Bay Street Theatre Gala in Sag Harbor to benefit the upcoming season with Scott Schwartz as the new Artistic Director. Wendy Seyb choreographed and the gala included performances by Stephen Schwartz, Patina Miller, Tovah Feldshuh and honoree Sheldon Harnick! It was a lovely evening to be apart of, check out the press release here.

-Graduation show for Improv 101 with Upright Citizen's Brigade is Saturday, July 26th at 5:30 PM at UCB East, check it out!

JUNE 2014

-Having a blast in Improv 101 at Upright Citizens Brigade! The graduation show will be the evening of July 26th, check it out!


-Closed the season at the Metropolitan Opera with I PURITANI. So excited to have been involved in two operas at the MET this season!

-I have added three new videos of musical theatre rep to the MULTIMEDIA section on this site! Check them out, they are some of my musical theatre dream roles, Eponine in Les Mis, Ado Annie in Oklahoma and Natalie in Next to Normal!

MARCH 2014

-Excited to return to The Metropolitan Opera as a cover for the Bridesmaids in Bellini's final Opera I PURITANI. Feel free to check out the website here.

-New Milford High School's production of ROMEO AND JULIET: A ROCK AND ROLL ADAPTATION was a success! I choreographed for the second year in a row and I am proud and inspired by the passionate and talented students that NMHS continues to posess! Congrats!

-Made a cameo in the web series SITTING ON BABIES! Check out 2:38 to see me makeout and then put my stage combat training to use on the two main characters! So fun! Also, check out FUNNY OR DIE where the series has been nominated and VOTE! 



-Had two photo shoots last month! One with Kermit Mercado and the other with Marco Vazquez Photography. Check out the shots in the commercial print gallery.



-Excited to perform in "PAGE TO STAGE" to benefit the New Milford High School musical, ROMEO AND JULIET: A ROCK ADAPTATION which I am choreographing this year! The benefit features Broadway performers such as alumni Rob McClure and his wife Maggie Lakis as well as Philadelphia professionals Jonathan Silver and others! Support Arts Education and check it out! Friday, February 28th 7:30 PM, New Milford High School. Here is the website!

-Shot on-camera with NOKIA for the third time! The spot is marketing their new phone for an in-house industrial.


-Just shot a pilot of HOW COME I'M NOT FAMOUS YET? in the role of Kaitlin, the girlfriend of the lead character! Check back here for the video!

-Happy New Year!! To start 2014 off on the right foot, my voice-over is airing nationally on TV for Pamprin. The 15 second spot can be found here.